Which Padlock is Best for Home Security

Lockwood have a large range of padlocks but by far the standard Lockwood padlock is the Lockwood 45mm padlock.  It has been used for generations in many applications and is still the major padlock sold by locksmiths in Australia. The Lockwood 334 can easily be keyed to the same key as your house or office keys, and it is a mainstay of Australian security.

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Lockwood 45mm Padlock

The Lockwood 45mm padlock was called the Lockwood 234 padlock until around 8 years ago when Lockwood gave their 45mm padlock a major upgrade.  The 234 was a snap shut padlock that locked on only one side of the shackle.  The internet probably played a big part in the change of design of the Lockwood padlock.  Information became readily available on how this old type of padlock could be shimmed.  A piece of thin metal could be inserted between the shackle and the lock body to push back the snap shut locking pin and open the padlock.  The shims are still sold on many websites.


The New Lockwood 334 padlock can not be shimmed the same way as the older padlock.  The Lockwood 334 padlock uses 2 hardened balls on each side of the padlock to lock into the shackle at 2 points.  The Lockwood 334 padlock is sold standard as a snap shut padlock but it can be altered to make it a key retain padlock which means the key will remain in the padlock at all times when the padlock is not locked. 


The Lockwood 334 padlock has a very hard shackle that is made of special alloy steel.  It is corrosive resistant and designed to be used outdoors without corroding.  There are a range of sizes that the shackles come in and the shackles can be changed quite easily.  The shackles also come in brass for marine purposes which make the padlock very weather resistant.


From a locksmiths perspective the most useful aspect of the Lockwood 334 padlock is that the cylinder.  The standard cylinder in the Lockwood 334 is a 6 pin “C4” keyway.  When sold in stores the padlock usually comes with a 5 pin key.  The 5 pin key is more convenient to key alike to other Lockwood products.  


The cylinder of the Lockwood 334 can be changed to work with just about any other Lockwood keying system and it can be changed to work with most non Lockwood and after market security keys and restricted keys.  Changing the cylinder is quick and easy.  There is just one screw to undo to remove the cylinder from the housing.


The Lockwood 334 can be made to match all other Lockwood locks.  It can be keyed alike, master keyed, mason keyed and construction keyed.  The Lockwood standard C4 cylinder can be repinned to match a house key, deadlock key, shop key or any number of different keys.  It can also take a lock cylinder supplied by Energex, gas companies, and other utilities so they can gain entrance to meters, refill gas cylinders or a range of other important tasks.


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