What You Need To Know About Exterior Door Locks

How To Choose The Right Residential Door Locks For Better Home Security

Locks are known to be the first line of defense in most homes and as such, most homeowners understand the need to hire the services of a Brisbane 24 hour locksmith to handle their home security needs. However, while some homeowners are paying attention to the need for improved security systems in their homes, most still rely on the front door lock as their means of securing the home. With over 3 million homes broken into yearly in the United States, there is the need to do away with the old locks which are weak at best and instead choose the more solid security options which are designed to confer extra security on the home.

Improving Residential Locks

Replacing the old locks for today’s lock ensures that the home and property contained in it is protected. However, some of the lock offered today may be susceptible to lock picking, an act used to gain entrance into the property by tricking open the lock. To ensure that your home is properly protected, you need to know the best lock options to pick for your home’s security needs.

Determining Lock Types

The main reason why locks are installed in the home is to keep uninvited and unauthorized persons from accessing your property. However, when choosing locks, there is the need to consider where it will be installed as interior locks which are aimed to keep children out of certain rooms need not be as high security as front doors aimed at keeping brute force and other manipulations away.

Locks For Exterior Doors

When choosing to secure the exterior area in the home, there is the need to ensure that all things are perfectly considered. More often than not, the exterior doors should be fitted with dead bolts which are available in pairs of deadbolts and locksets mounted separately or a handle set that incorporates both features. While there are low end deadbolts ranging from $25 to $300, high end options which feature solid, forged-brass components are also available.

When choosing the deadbolt, there is the need to look for an anti-theft option which is a deadlocking latch bolt which prevents burglars from jimmying the latch using a credit card. To ensure that you choose the best deadbolt lock, look for deadbolts with hardened pins that can withstand sawing and also make sure to consider a heavy duty plate deadbolt with 3-in screws.

It is also recommended that you choose a handle set that allows you to open both ends of the bolt and latch from inside with a single motion, this feature affords convenience and also can play a great role during emergencies.

Also, choose a deadbolt with universal keying as this allows you to carry just one house key despite having installed locks on the other doors from different makers.

On the aesthetics front, be sure to look for a deadbolt that has the dual torque springs. This will prevent the knobs from sagging. For durability and longevity, look for a deadbolt with a no-tarnish lifetime finish.

Hire A Brisbane Locksmith

While there are some lock upgrades that you can do on your own, there are others that are better left to a professional Brisbane locksmith like Access Locksmiths. To learn more about keeping your home secure and safe from penetration by unauthorized persons, visit https://www.accesslocksmiths.com.au/.



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