Lockwood 355 for Patio Doors

Lockwood 355 anti-jemmy deadlock for commercial and domestic doors Access Locksmiths Brisbane

Lockwood 355

 The Lockwood 355 deadlock has been manufactured for more then 30 years and it replaced the older style 255 deadlock which can still be found on homes, shops and factories in Brisbane.  The Lockwood 355 can be a good choice for a patio door lock.  While it is not a mortise lock it’s security fitting options should not be overlooked.

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The Lockwood 355 is a deadlock that has 2 hardened pins that lock into a metal strike which is made of solid steel.  Unlike other deadlocks the Lockwood 355 can not be pulled apart from its strike once it is locked.  It’s strike can not be pried apart and when installed on a patio door if the lock and strike is securely fitted the door can not be opened while the deadlock is engaged.  Even if patio bolts are fitted to the patio door and the patio bolts are broken the Lockwood 355 will not separate from its strike.

The lockwood 355 can be fitted to most patio doors either with the existing lock in place or it can be installed as the main lock on the door.  The Lockwood 355 requires a smaller hole then many other types of locks (32mm).  The small hole is a benefit when it is being fitted to a glass patio door.  As there is not a lot of timber to fit the lock to the less timber removed from the door the better.

The lockwood 355 comes in three standard colours.  Satin Stainless Steel, Gold and Brown.  Satin Stainless suits most doors and matches existing door furniture.  The dark brown Lockwood 355 looks great on a black door.

Before fitting a lock to a patio door it is best to consult a professional locksmith.  There are many locking options for a patio door lock and your locksmith can assist you to have the best security for your home or office that is possible.