How much does it cost to get my locks changed?

By 03/05/2019August 31st, 2020Brisbane

The price of rekeying locks in 2019 will vary from one locksmith to another, but in Brisbane most locksmiths charge between $50 and $75 per lock to rekey, or change the locks. This will usually be in addition to a callout fee. Some Locksmiths in Brisbane will charge an hourly rate for rekeying, which is usually around $100 per hour, but this is not very common. 

Locksmith changing locks, rekey locks brisbane 24 hr
Locksmith rekeying some locks.

The number one job for a locksmith is definitely changing locks.  As locksmiths we do a great deal of the lock changing in Brisbane.  Our locksmiths perform the job of changing locks 24 hours a day as there is always a need for this service.

Changing locks requires the lock combination to be changed.  Most pin tumbler locks require the lock to be pulled off the door and then the lock cylinder to be removed.  Once the lock cylinder is removed the delicate task of removing the lock plug or the lock centre is started.  To remove the lock centre a special tool called a follower is pushed into the lock cylinder as the lock plug is being removed.  The follower is used to keep the top set of pins and springs in place in the lock cylinder housing.  If the top pins and springs fall out of the lock cylinder then it is more work and time to reassemble the entire cylinder.  A skilled locksmith can easily remove the plug and keep the top pins in place.  The locksmiths make this job look easy but for a learner it usually ends with a mass of pins and springs shooting in every direction.

Once the lock cylinder is removed a new set of bottom pins is inserted.  The bottom pins combination matches the cuts in the new key, which is different to the old key.  As a new key is now working in the lock the lock is changed.  The lock is reassembled and put back on the door.  The lock is then tested by the locksmith to ensure it meets the security requirements of the lock manufacturer.  Once the lock is tested and the locksmith is happy with the way the lock is locking and unlocking he will usually have the customer test the lock for added quality assurance.

Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to change locks in Brisbane.  Call anytime for prompt service.